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Region I Cups

2021 Cups

The Region looks forward to bouncing back and holding the 2021 cup season. The projected dates are shown below. As our state associations complete their qualifiers, we will list the teams that will compete.

2021 Cups Schedule

The projected schedule is listed below. As we know the number of entries and are able to put together the draw, there may be slight adjustments to the schedule. Keep an eye on this page for the latest updates.

Amateur Cup for the Fritz Marth Trophy

  1. Newtown Pride FC (CT/2020)
  2. West Chester United (EPA/2021)
  3. Eastern Pennsylvania (TBD)
  4. NY Pancyprian Freedom (ENY/2020)
  5. Eastern New York/2021
  6. Christos FC (MD/2020)
  7. Maryland/2021
  8. Safira FC (MA)
  9. Brockton FC United (MA)
  11. FC Motown (NJ)
  12. Vistula Garfield SC (NJ)
  13. Steel FC (PAW)

Werner Fricker Cup - Amateur Open Championship

  1. Polonia Falcon (CT)
  2. KO Elites (CT)
  3. Lansdowne Yonkers FC (ENY/2020)
  4. FC Westchester (ENY/2021)
  5. Eastern Pennsylvania (TBD)
  6. Eastern Pennsylvania (TBD)
  7. Christos FC (MD/2020)
  8. Maryland/2021
  9. Massachusetts (TBD)
  10. FC International (NH)
  11. Clifton Elite (NJ)
  12. Jackson Lions FC (NJ)
  13. West Virginia (TBD)

Gerhard Mengel Cup - Over-30 Championship

  1. Danbury United (CT/2020)
  2. Vasco da Gama (CT/2021)
  3. NY Greek Americans (ENY/2020)
  4. NY Pancyprian Freedom (ENY/2021)
  5. Eastern Pennsylvania (TBD)
  6. Eastern Pennsylvania (TBD)
  7. Maryland (TBD)
  8. Maryland (TBD)
  9. Battery Park Gunners (MA)
  10. Safira FC (MA)
  11. Den of Lions (NJ) 
  12. Ironbound Alumni (NJ)

National Over-40 Cup 

  1. Glastonbury Celtic (CT)
  2. Fairfield GAC (CT)
  3. Eastern New York (TBD)
  4. Eastern New York (TBD)
  5. Eastern Pennsylvania (TBD)
  6. Eastern Pennsylvania (TBD)
  7. Maryland (TBD)
  8. Maryland (TBD)
  9. Massachusetts (TBD)
  10. Renegades (MDCVA)
  11. Jackson Lions FC (NJ)
  12. Jaguar FC (NJ)