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USASA Member Organizations


US Adult Soccer is a national organization and sanctioning body for amateur soccer in the United States. It consists of 54 state organizations as well as regional and national leagues categorized in four regions. The UPSL and the National Premier Soccer League are USASA-affiliated but are designed to promote a higher lever of competition than the state organizations. USASA also affiliates the Women's Premier Soccer League one of the top women's leagues in the nation. With over 250,000 adult members within its leagues and teams, the USASA is the largest division of organized soccer at an adult level in the United States.


Click on the state, you are interested in, to magnify it then click on it again to be directed to the contact page of that state association.


USASA National Leagues

National Premier Soccer League

Sponsored by Cindy Spera

Cindy Spera

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Managing Director


United Premier Soccer League

Sponsored by Graham Walsh

Graham Walsh

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Chief Executive

Women's Premier Soccer League

Sponsored by Sean Jones

Sean Jones

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USASA Multi-State Leagues

Eastern Development Program

Sponsored by Bohdan Porytko

Bohdan Porytko

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Work: 973-998-9731


Gulf Coast Premier League

Sponsored by Jonathan Rednour

Jonathan Rednour

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Director of Operations

Work: 504-715-2858


United Women's Soccer

Sponsored by Joe Ferrara

Joe Ferrara

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League Commissioner


Francisco Cleaves

West Coast Soccer Association

USASA State Premier Leagues

Region 1

Cosmopolitan Soccer League (ENY)

Sponsored by Mike Fitzgerald

Mike Fitzgerald

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Phone: 201-943-3390

Long Island Soccer Football League (ENY)

Sponsored by Rocco Avallone

Rocco Avallone

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League Office: 167 Nassau Blvd., Garden City South, NY 11530

Cell: 516-819-5404
Office: 516-862-5550

United Soccer League of Pennsylvania (EPA)

Sponsored by Werner Fricker III

Werner Fricker III

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Phone: 215-584-7271

Maryland Major Soccer League (MD)

Washington Premier League (MD)

Sponsored by Ramon Madan

Ramon Madan

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Phone: 703-624-8085

DC Premier League (MDCVSA)

Sponsored by Alex Bearman

Alex Bearman

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Phone: 202-656-8892

Buffalo & District Soccer League (WNY)

Sponsored by Michael Schieber

Michael Schieber

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Rochester District Soccer League (WNY)

Sponsored by Matthew Krywonos

Matthew Krywonos

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Phone: 585-216-1232

Region 2

Michigan Premier Soccer League (MI)

Sponsored by Philip Murphy

Philip Murphy

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Region 3

American Premier Soccer League (FL)

Central Florida Soccer League (FL)

Sponsored by Eddie Loyola

Eddie Loyola

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Phone: 407-869-1070

Florida Suncoast Soccer League (FL)

Sponsored by Chris McMaster

Chris McMaster

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Phone: 863-268-5775

Atlanta District Amateur Soccer League (GA)

Sponsored by Mike Hogan

Mike Hogan

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Phone: 770-381-9615

Region 4

Colorado Super League (CO)

Sponsored by Colorado Soccer Assocation

Colorado Soccer Assocation

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Nate Shotts


Phone: 303-641-4464

San Francisco Soccer Football League (CA-N)

Sponsored by Leo Shoomiloff

Leo Shoomiloff

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Utah Soccer Premiership Soccer League (UT)

Sponsored by Utah Adult Soccer

Utah Adult Soccer

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Wasatch Women Soccer League (UT)

Evergreen Premier League (WA)

Northwest Premier League (WA)

USASA Affiliates

American Youth Soccer Organization

Traditional logo color jpg element view

Yvonne Lara

Traditional logo color jpg element view

Scott Snyder

Traditional logo color jpg element view

Matt Winegar

Traditional logo color jpg element view


SAY Soccer

Saylogo.fullcolor element view

Doug Wood

National Marketing/Business Operations Director

Work: 1-800-233-7291 ext. 1115


US Club Soccer

Unknown element view

Greg Hutton

VP, Operations