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Join a Local Team

Joining a local league and affiliating with US Adult Soccer is an easy process.

To find leagues in your area check out our directories to contact your state association. Click here. Whether you already have a full team or you’re looking to join one, the state associations can lead you in the right direction.

Why Affiliate with USASA?

As the largest adult soccer organization in the United States, USASA's 54 state associations plus national and regional leagues help our 250,000 players feed their passion for the game.

Benefits to join include:

  • Consistent playing rules in league play as well as in tournament play throughout the US.
  • An appeals system which includes an impartial governing body to oversee all play of soccer.
  • Liability and medical insurance.
  • A referee training, education and evaluation program.
  • A coaching training, education and evaluation program.
  • Participation in National Cup programs.
  • Assurance that all current players are registered and not under suspension for violent conduct.
  • The ability to participate in sanctioned tournaments in and out of state with the assurance of the rules and appeals procedure available.
  • Marketing support services.

State Associations

Tools to attract unaffiliated leagues:
Three-day Tournament Pass

The tournament pass gives unaffilited players and teams a taste to see what it’s like to play competitively or recreationaly with USASA teams.

New League Incentive Rebate Program

New leagues are vital in US Adult Soccer’s future plans improve adult soccer in the United States and to encourage states to recruit new leagues we’ve introduced this program. When a new league joins, the league is eligible for a $4 rebate.

Terms and Conditions

For a State Association and League to qualify for this $4 rebate program:

1. State Association must file a report for all new and existing leagues registered in their State Association. The report must include league name, address, city, state, zip, email, phone, website, number of players and a contact.

2. State Association must have completed Best Practice Survey. 

3. State Association must be current on all player registration payments for new league and current leagues.

4. State Association must send a copy of their current 990 to the National Office.

5. League must be a new league (never registered with USASA before) that registers players during the current calendar year.

6. Payments of rebate will be made payable directly to league. A report copy will be also sent to the state. 

7. A $4 rebate will be given for each new player registered by the new league.

8. League must send a database of players registered under this program to the state and to the national office. 

9. State Association must participate in the 50 cent database rebate program.

10. State Association must notify national office in advance that a new league will participate in this program, and complete a rebate application.