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2015 Hall of Fame Class Inducted

By USASA Communications, 10/19/15, 9:00AM CDT


Congratulations to our 2015 Hall of Fame class. We'd like to thank each of the inductees for the time and effort in advancing adult soccer. This year's ceremony took place October 9 in Newport Beach, CA.


Tom Chapman

Being responsible for the administration of all of the officiating programs of the United States Soccer Federation in Ohio-North has put Tom in a unique position to help referees who are only interested in working at different levels in their local community leagues, as well as those who aspire to become MLS  Referees. The State Referee Committee, under the direction of Tom, has worked to have that organization take a very business-like approach to its operation, forming  an independent Ohio North Soccer Referee Corporation and establishing  all requirements for independent referee programs and issues.

Tom has worked over his 12 year term as SRA to build relationships with the Referee Administrators for the United States Soccer Federation, the United States Youth Soccer Association and the United States Adult Soccer Association in both the region and nationally.  These relationships have helped Ohio North referees to be placed in clinics, camps and tournaments where they gained the expertise to advance their careers.

Among adult tournaments, Ohio referees were often used in State and National Cups, Veterans Cup, Tournament of Champions, etc. Tom hopes to continue to assist all the referees in Ohio-North achieve whatever level of success they desire.  Among the new generation, several referees work in the MLS, regional and national youth and adult tournaments, Division I collegiate games and playoffs, and the most highly skilled as well as recreational adult games. As a true manager must do, Tom has led and groomed, directly or indirectly, many of his referees (more than 2000 annually) to their highest level of competence.  In addition, he regularly attends all USASA/Region II Meetings, many tournaments, MLS, collegiate and adult/youth amateur games being fully familiar with our soccer culture and yearly events, devoting much of his time to the beautiful game. Tom has also served on numerous regional committees dealing with diverse issues over the past decade, where his expertise has been invaluable.

Dave Laraba

Starting in 1983 Dave has been a part of the West Virginia Youth Soccer Association and the West Virginia Soccer Association at all levels, now serving as its Executive Director for many years. The association has grown from 2,500 members to 20,000 youth and adult members today, reaching  a higher profile regionally and nationally. WVSA hosted the Veterans Cup in 2001 and 2002, and the US Youth Region I championships in 2009 and 2010 (and will host again in 2015 and 2016). Dave has served as Director of Venue Operations for all these events.

Dave advised adult state associations and officers in developing appeals and discipline rules and procedures. As a result of the efforts of all involved at the USSF National Appeals level, the number of appeals went from 200 plus in 1998 to less than 25 in 2014. All USSF Members, Adult and Youth now have a fair process for their disputes reaching down to the club level.  After retiring as USSF Appeals Chair, Dave was appointed as the USASA Appeals Chair. In this role he serves as an advisor to state association, national staff and board of directors members appeals and discipline concerns and hears appeals on USASA matters.

Dave has dedicated himself to promoting adult and youth soccer in West Virginia through all his years of service. He has given his heart and soul to all levels of soccer, making sure it is fair and safe for everyone involved. His knowledge and ability to bring all parties together to resolve any issue is amazing.

Dyann Pugliese

Dyann has been active in youth, high school and adult soccer as a coach, player, referee and administrator since 1978. She began her administrative career in soccer as the president and then treasurer of the Tri-Community Soccer League while coaching her daughter's team.  As a referee, she has officiated youth, adult and high school matches as well as the Special Olympics. Elected to office in 1994, she served continuously through 2013 as treasurer for the Michigan Soccer Association.  She now serves as recording secretary and business administrator.  She has served as registrar when vacancies occurred as well as having been appointed rules chairperson.  Dyann has served as the Secretary of the Michigan Premier Soccer League and coached in both the men's and women's Open Divisions.

Dyann began playing in the Great Lakes Women's Soccer League in 1979 and continued until 1996. She was a US Soccer official through 2001 after more than 15 years of officiating. In 1993, Julie Ilacqua, World Cup '94 Detroit Venue Coordinator of Volunteers, enlisted Dyann to join the World Cup volunteer staff.  Among Dyann's administrative duties were the recruiting and training of volunteers, writing articles for the World Cup publication "Goal Post,” maintaining updated volunteer e-files, hosting guests at the Detroit venue and escorting FIFA’s World Cup 1994 mascot Striker to community events.  During the 1993 U.S. Cup match between Germany and England, Dyann chauffeured the English National team's coaches and managers - not too pleasant when they lost. Dyann has chaired both regional and national Grants committees in the past and now serves as the Secretary and Regional National Cup Commissioner for Region II.

Gloria Rodriguez

Gloria was the NEYSO tournament director from 1986 to 2009, while also being involved with her late husband, past Regional Director Carlos Rodriguez, managing the San Antonio Soccer Association. She played and coached in the SAWSA for 18 years. Gloria Rodriguez also initiated coed soccer in San Antonio in 1986 and was instrumental in the initial hosting of the USASA Coed Cups program. She was inducted to the TSSAS Half of Fame in August 2005 and now serves as the state’s Men’s Commissioner. From over a decade (1991 to 2002), Gloria was a Select Teams Administrator for the USASA Select Teams Program.

Shonna Schroedl

Shonna was asked to join the local women’s league board as a first division representative during the early 1990s. Two years later she was asked to join the board of the Oregon Adult Soccer Association, and has now been its Vice President for 22 years. Via her position with OASA, she was able to meet many people throughout Region IV and learn how to further volunteer her time for the good of soccer. Oregon has hosted Regional Cups, the Regional Select Team Tournament, the National Cup Finals and the USASA Soccer Festival.

Oregon was a Women’s World Cup venue in both 1999 and 2003 and she was able to be on staff for these events and be part of incredible international events. Shonna enjoyed meeting teams, coaches, FIFA VIPs and staff from around the world. Hosting North Korea was quite an adventure in 1999. She was also the liaison for Australia during their training camp the week prior to the start of the 1999 Women's World Cup. She says she has been blessed with the ability to play for many years and enjoy fabulous tournaments in Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Nevada– her favorite events for many years were the annual 7 v 7 Labor Day tournament in Ferndale, Washington and the Copper Cup in Arizona. She also had the opportunity to participate for many years in National Cups and the Veterans Cup.

Shonna appreciates being given the chance to work on committees as a Region IV representative. She spent 5+ years on the Select Team Committee both as the women’s team administrator and the Region IV Select Teams Director, three years on the Midyear Meeting Committee, and two years on the Budget Committee. Thru volunteering on committees, she has been able to work with numerous other volunteers who are tireless in their efforts to build successful Region IV and USASA program and events, and generally promote the game of soccer to adults. Equally important to her is that she had the chance to meet so many people in the Region and throughout the country, who have become truly lifelong friends.  Shonna has served as USASA Secretary since 2010, where her insight and professional background have contributed significantly to USASA’s overall administration, and has been on the Diversity Committee since 2011 and the Disability Committee since earlier this year. Shonna has also chaired the Women’s National Championship for the past three years.

Mario Treglia

Mario Treglia began his career in soccer in his hometown of Scauri in the province of Latina in Italy. From a young age Mario was so focused on soccer that his parents Antonio and Maria sent him to the United States to live with his sister and obtain an education.  Little to his parents knowledge at that time, Mario would begin his lifelong contribution to the world’s sport in the United States. Almost as soon as Mario exited the plane in 1969 he was registering to play for NY Bavarian Soccer Club, a member of the Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League. Mario progressed through the ranks of the club and became an indispensable member of the senior men’s team, anchoring a Dr. Manning Cup title in 1975.  At the same time Mario played for Cardozo High School where he was selected to the New York City All-star team (1971, 1972, and 1973) and named MVP (1972, 1973). He moved to play college ball for Queens College.   After winning many titles with NY Hota Bavarians he went on to win countless championships with Frosinone Sporting Club, a member of the Inter-Regional Soccer League and later the New York Italian American Soccer League. 

The challenge of winning championships with established teams was not enough for Mario; in 1982 he became a co-founding member of the SS Cosma & Damiano Soccer Club of the IASL. With SSCD, Mario's passion for soccer switched from playing to administration. He also coordinated the juniors program and established teams that went on to win many State and Regional championships at the U-20 and U-23 levels. His teams finished as National Finalists in Milwaukee WI (2004).  The passion for administration did not just stop at the club level. In 1984, Mario became Recording Secretary of the Italian American Soccer League, then over the years Treasurer and President (2000-2004). Mario also started the LA Junior Soccer League in 1999. In the same year, he founded the New York United Soccer Team to participate in the IASL and provide an annual opportunity to local players to participate at the Viareggio International Tournament in Italy (2000-2004).  Mario's legacy will never be forgotten as countless members of the soccer playing community still have the opportunity from his pioneering efforts to gain

entry into this prestigious competition.  He also founded the Intra-American Junior Soccer League, to provide young players a league to play in while attempting to transfer to the adult game.

Mario was elected to the Eastern New York State Soccer Association Board in 1995, and became its Treasurer in 2005, a position he still holds today. He has been a member of numerous state and regional committees, including Appeals, Auditing, Referees, Rules, State Cup, and Regional Tournaments, and was inducted into the New York State Soccer Hall Fame. Currently, Mario is a member of the USASA Budget Committee.