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Gianfranco Borroni for US Soccer Foundation

By USASA Communications, 09/16/14, 11:00AM CDT


Dear Colleagues,

I have been a standing member of this organization since its inception and I have had the opportunity to know most of you, all involved in developing the game. I have served in most positions of the organization, federation and foundation, and lately represented the division in the foundation board.

My term at the foundation will expire at the AGM in San Francisco, and I am asking for your support to retain the position for another term. The adult division, through its president, will nominate a person to represent the division in the foundation board. I always made the voice of the adult division heard and tried to help our organization, and I am very honored to serve on it.

The mission of the U.S. Soccer Foundation is to enhance, assist and grow the sport of soccer in the United States. The foundation is a leader is sport based development and is using soccer as a vehicle to social change. It provides nationally recognized programs that deliver positive health and social outcome for boys and girls.

Above all the foundation supports the development of places to play, to enhance more children to discover soccer therefore  creating a wider base of players, where hopefully the federation will find in a non distant future the American Pele.


Gianfranco Borroni

PS. Please visit the foundation website ( to discover what the foundation is doing for the game.