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Illinois Big Winner in Region 2 Lamar Hunt Preliminaries

By USASA Communications, 11/12/13, 12:30PM CST


Illinois teams won three of four Round 1 games in Region II Lamar Hunt Open Cup Premilinaries. Schwaben FC (IL) defeated FC Indiana (IN) 2-1, RWB Adria (IL) defeated Bavarians FC (WI) 4-1 and AAC Eagles (IL) were a winner over Croatian Eagles FC (WI) 3-1.

One more preliminary round game will be played the weekend of November 16-17 between KC Athletics (KS) and Des Moines Menace (IA). The winner will move on to play RWB Adria, while Schwaben FC and AAC Eagles will face each other.

Congratulations to all the entries for playing highly skilled and competitive games in Round 1.