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President's Update to the Membership

By Brooks McCormick, 02/02/10, 2:15PM CST


February 2, 2010

As we depart for the US Soccer AGM I would first like to wish everyone safe travels and an enjoyable trip to New Orleans.  I would also like to follow-up on several items from my January Presidents report as well as give you a further update on the progress with the Summit implementation process.

In my last report I said that a stub budget would be prepared for the period of 9/1/2010 to 12/31/2010.  The budget which can be found here is strictly an operating budget based on currently budgeted programming that occurs during this time period.  Depending on the outcome of  the proposed by-law amendment  changing USASA’s fiscal year you will be presented with either an eight (8) month budget from 1/1/2011 to 8/31/2011 or an annual budget from 1/1/2011 to 12/31/2011.  The budget ultimately presented will reflect the work of the Summit implementation teams.  The stub budget simply allows USASA to function through the time period the teams are doing their work.

The Governance Taskforce is up and running and has had several teleconferences; they have requested some additional resources to help them maximize their efforts and results.  Brian Darling has been added as a legal consultant to the chair (Mary Pat Bell).  Mark Hass will also provide some facilitation via teleconferences.  There will be a 2 day meeting of this group in Dallas the weekend of February 20-21 with Mark Hass participating via conference call.  Their goal is to have proposed by-laws ready for enactment at the 2010 Midyear Meeting as it relates to the governance structure changes envisioned by the Summit participants.

The eight summit implementation team leaders and the overall implementation manager selections will be announced at the AGM in New Orleans.  As called for in the Summit report those 9 individuals will meet the weekend of March 20-21 in Chicago.  This meeting will be facilitated in person by Mark Haas.  The action plans and timelines will be developed and agreed upon at that meeting.  There will be one page business plans developed and posted on the Summit page at so the membership can track the progress of the teams.   

The EXCO approved a $40,000 budget for these two meetings and Mark Haas’s continuing consulting for these two groups.  I would point out that the Summit in October came in virtually at budget as can be seen here. 

One final budget issue I want to remind you of is the 2009 Ireland Game.  The event was budgeted in the 2008/2009 budget year but was held in the 2009/2010 as approved by the Executive Committee.  When the financials and the Audit for 2009/2010 are sent out please remember that the money was budgeted and not spent in the prior year.  The event was budgeted at $50,000 and the actual expenses were $45,673.00 so we were more than $4,000 under budget.

The IT Taskforce and the Executive Committee has narrowed the field of vendors for Online Registration to three and has had a final round of questions and answers.  A request for a best and final offer has been sent to each of the finalists.  These are due back by the AGM; the Taskforce will review the final proposals and report their recommendation to the EXCO for final approval.  Because there are still three competing vendors there will not be demos at the AGM.  Once the EXCO makes the final decision (shortly after the AGM) the Database Implementation team will take over and begin the implementation phase so we can achieve the Summit goal of all members registering all players in the USASA database by 2011.

Again safe travels and I look forward to seeing everyone in New Orleans.


Brooks McCormick,