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Richard Groff Elected USASA President

By Admin, 02/05/10, 2:15PM CST


National and Regional Elections at US Soccer's AGM

Richard Groff, former USASA Region I Director, was formally elected as President of the United States Adult Soccer Association at the organization’s Council Meeting on Friday, February 5.  The meeting was held in conjunction with the 2010 U.S. Soccer Annual General Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Shonna Schroedl of Oregon was elected as the new National Secretary for USASA, succeeding previous officer Valerie Blanchenay. Valerie held the office for four years.

Former Region I Deputy Director Fritz Marth was elected USASA’s Region I Director passing the title onto Anthony Falcone from Maryland who was voted as Region I Deputy Director. John Kahmke was elected as the new Region I Treasurer, position previously held by Anthony Falcone. Matthew Krywonos was re-elected to another two-year term as Region I Secretary.  

Region II elected Bill Davey as Deputy Director and Wayne Wilson as Treasurer.

In Region III news, Rob Lavielle of Tampa was voted Region III Director succeeding past Director Carlos Rodriguez. Mr. Lavielle is the past President of the Florida State Soccer Association. Karon Beyer of Georgia was elected Region III Secretary.

Mike Maloney was re-elected as Region IV Deputy Director and Lori Stoneburner was voted as the new Region IV Treasurer. Werner Fricker, Jr. and Jim Hamilton were re-assigned as Members At Large.

Also as part of the USASA’s AGM agenda, the new USASA Implementation Team Leaders were introduced to the membership in attendance at the Council Meeting.

These eight individuals will help shape the future of the USASA by leading eight specific teams. Each team is specific to an objective which will be executed through various plans in order to meet given deadlines. These Leaders will be responsible for the strategic planning process of the organization. There was also a ninth person introduced as the overall implementation manager.

The objectives, formulated at the USASA Vision and Strategy Summit in Phoenix in 2009 are;

1. 2015, increase USASA membership from 250,000 to 500,000. 

2. 2015, USASA will have 5 national sponsors generating $200,000 of revenue. 

3. 2013, deploy to all member organizations a comprehensive coaching and adult soccer focused referee development program. 

4. 2011, all member organizations will register all players on the USASA member database. 

5. 2015, increase women and ethnic participants to 50% of total USASA player membership. 

6. By 2012, all member organizations are using USASA developed resources to facilitate development, improvement and access to soccer fields and facilities. 

7. By 2015, double participation in competitions from 10,000 to 20,000 annually. 

8. By 2012, USASA and 90% of all member organizations will use best practices in governance and administration.