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State of the States - Featuring Michigan

By USASA Communications, 09/11/20, 10:00AM CDT


1. How long have you been affiliated with Michigan Soccer Association? 

I have been affiliated with the Michigan Soccer Association since 1972 when I played in and was an officer of the Detroit Soccer League. 

2. What is your name and title? 

Nick Radu, President 

3. What do you enjoy most about volunteering, or what do you love most about US Adult Soccer? 

I have served as a league officer, State officer, Regional officer, and as a member of national committees. I enjoy meeting people from across the country and sharing successful and not-so-successful stories of volunteering efforts for promoting soccer. Volunteering allows me to use my personal and business skills as well as my business connections to advance soccer in Michigan. I appreciate the support and resources provided by USASA. Having a central office that can maintain information, documents, and resources that are commonly used by all State Associations is important to those of us who are at the grassroots. Many of us do not have the ability or means to do so. 

4. Please provide a recent success story from your state association that illustrates a positive impact in your community

Michigan Soccer Association has received thousands of dollars as the result of international games hosted in the State. The Board voted unanimously to purchase from that income a laptop with camera capability and Microsoft Office programs for each league in good standing the previous year. These laptops are provided at no cost to the leagues. These laptops allow league officers to maintain records on one system, register players, participate in Affinity webinars, and save insurance claims, field insurance certificates, and league documents in one place. The laptops can be used by one officer, left in a league office, or used by various officers as needed. 

5. What is unique about your state association? 

MSA annually hosts two tournaments at no cost to entering teams. The Gerhard Mengel State Cup offers competition in all divisions and does not have an entry fee. There is no limitation on the number of teams per competition level nor the number of team entries per league. Teams must be registered and in good standing with their league and the State. The tournament runs over several weekends in the late spring through the summer with finals held at Ultimate Soccer Arenas, an indoor facility where MSA office is located. The cost of the finals (field rental and referee fees) are paid by the MSA. The Holiday Indoor Tournament is held the weekend after Christmas. Although there is no entry fee and all costs including referee fees are paid by MSA, the number of teams is limited (first come, first entered) due to the time and field restrictions of a weekend only tournament. Leagues are asked to nominate teams and are required to guarantee a $500 penalty if the team does not show or does not complete all games in the tournament.