Dick Burns (Administrator)

Dick Burns (Administrator) of Colorado Springs, Colorado, formed a soccer team (SnoJets) in 1970 in order to stay in shape for skiing.  Little did he know at the time, soccer would soon become his passion.  Dick is most well known for his work with the Colorado Springs Soccer Club (CSSC), where he has elected Vice President one year after starting the SnoJets team.  Six months later, he would ascend to the role of President, a position he held through the 70’s and again during the 90’s. 

Along with his roles with the CSSC, Dick was also active at the state, regional and national levels within USASA.  In 1975, he was elected a trustee of the Colorado State Soccer Association (CSSA) and filled this position or as Vice President through 2000.  After a lengthy hiatus, Dick returned to CSSA a decade later as the 2ndVice President on the Board of Trustees.  At the regional level, Dick served as Region IV Deputy Director for two years and on the Region IV Credentials Committee for over 15 years.  For USASA, he chaired the Credentials Committee for 15 years and also served several years as the Region IV representative on the Membership Committee.

In addition to his administrator roles, Dick is also an accomplished referee.  His referee credentials include: USSF Referee (1970-present), State Referee Emeritus, Colorado’s State Director of Instruction through the 80’s and assignor for college matches involving Colorado College and US Air Force men’s and women’s teams.

Brandi Chastain (Player)

Brandi Chastain (Player) of Los Angeles, California, needs no introduction.  Renowned for the deciding penalty kick (and subsequent celebration) to lead the United States to the 1999 Women’s World Cup title, Brandi became a household name across America.  Factored in with her contributions as a member of two Gold Medal winning Olympic teams (1996, 2004), one Silver Medal winning Olympic team (2000), another Gold Medal Winning World Cup team (1991) and one Bronze Medal winning World Cup Team (2003), evidence clearly points to Brandi as one of the best players to ever don the US jersey.

What some people may not know about Brandi, however, is that she also has quite the impressive resume with USASA and amateur soccer.  Following her collegiate career with Santa Clara, Brandi joined the California Storm of the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL) in 1991.  She would go on to win two USASA National Cup championships as well as three WPSL championships.  Despite her hectic schedule with the US National team and other professional career demands throughout the past 20 years, Brandi showed her loyalty and commitment to the Storm by playing with the team whenever she had the chance.  She is back with the Storm again for the 2011 season and just to show everybody she still has it, Brandi recently put together a one goal, two assist performance against a Japanese club team.

Casey Frankewicz (Administrator)

Casey Frankewicz (Administrator) of St. Louis, Missouri, has had major roles in soccer his entire life, as a player, coach, referee and administrator.  Casey played at the professional level in both Europe and the United States.  As a coach, Casey managed multiple North American Soccer League teams throughout the 70’s.  On the referee side of things, Casey has the distinction of State Referee Emeritus while also having a National Assessor License.  From 1984 – 1996, he officiated many professional indoor games.  He has also been very active with USSF as a manager of referee assignment and assessment of referees in the professional division.  

Within USASA, Casey remains active in a referee capacity (assessor and mentor at the regional and national level), but it is his work as an administrator in Missouri that has earned him so much respect from his peers.  He served as the Vice President of the Missouri Soccer Association for one year (1983) before moving onto the role of President.  It is a position that he still holds today, as one of the longest-serving Presidents in the country.  Under his tenure as President, the Missouri Soccer Association (MSA) has hosted a number of Regional and National Cup finals.  MSA has also fielded National Cup champions in just about every division including a recent streak of four straight national champions in the Men’s Over 30 division.

Robert Kepner (Administrator)

Robert Kepner (Administrator) of Durham, North Carolina, seems to pop up everywhere you look within USASA.  Given his vast experience, administrative talents and passion for soccer, it is no wonder Robert gets called upon to lead so many initiatives deemed important to USASA.  Following the 2009 USASA Soccer Summit, Robert was tasked with the role of Overall Implementation Team Manager while also serving as a member of the Best Practices team.  On top of that, Robert is now leading the Membership team.

At the state level, Robert has been active with both the youth and the adults.  Robert was the President of the North Carolina Amateur Soccer Association (NCASA) from 1993 to 2001, the treasurer and registrar from 2001 to 2011 and as of today, is back in the role of President.  In 1999, Robert helped establish the North Carolina Soccer Hall of Fame to honor those who contributed to the growth and success of soccer in the state.  In 2004, the favor was returned as Robert was rewarded for all of his work and dedication in North Carolina and was inducted into the NC Hall of Fame.

In addition to his work with USASA, Region III and North Carolina, Bob has also made his presence known with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). Kepner has served on USSF’s Marketing Committee, International Games Committee and Appeals Committee.  He is also the current Chairman of the USSF Credentials Committee.

Hector Nava (Administrator)

Hector Nava (Administrator) of Chicago, Illinois, began his soccer career in Mexico before moving to the United States as a young man.  In the US, Hector first played with the Michoacan Soccer Club in the Centroamericana Soccer League.  In 1983, along with Alfredo Arias, he formed the Interamericana Soccer League. Hector coached and managed the Azteca Soccer Team of the Interamerica League for a decade and also served as Board Secretary from 1986 through 1989, as Treasurer from 1989 through 1992 and as President from 1992 through 1994.  During this time, Hector also became a delegate with the Illinois State Soccer Association (ISSA).  He has now served on the ISSA Board for over a quarter of a century.

At the USASA and Region II level, Hector has represented the face of USASA at dozens of grassroots workshops while also contributing in countless recruitment efforts over the years.  Hector has both served on the USASA Membership Development Committee and acted as the assistant to the Region II National Cups Commissioner for the past 10 years.  In addition to these efforts, Hector has also played a vital role in the operations of USASA Midyear Meetings.  Even though he would never admit it himself and would ultimately defer any accolades or praise that came his way, Hector has been a driving force behind the success of recent Midyear Meetings.  Hector’s willingness to assist the USASA staff and Midyear Committee behind the scenes time and time again has been a tremendous asset to the organization and is worthy of recognition.