Arman Capan

Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Arman served as Rochester District Soccer League President for 14 years and is currently the president of the Western New York Soccer Association, a position he’s held since 1973. He continues to coach the Women’s Select Team and as well as mentor the Men’s Select Team coaches. Arman also is a member of the NSCAA and holds a National C Coaching License.

Albino Guimaraes

Since he moved to the United States in 1956, Albino’s been involved with the USASA. He played for 25 years before taking over as league president of the Eastern District Soccer League in Eastern New York. He later held the position of vice president for the state and is now a delegate to national bodies of USSF and USASA.

Mary Hollerung

Mary was very much the mother of the Minnesota Soccer Association in the 1990s. She became the Women’s Program Director in 1995 and also took positions as State Cups Commissioner and State Referee Administrator. Hollerung was known throughout USASA as a committed Administrator with the Select Team program. With Mary’s help Minnesota’s USASA registration numbers increased by almost 50 percent. Her untimely passing was a great loss to Minnesota and to the USASA.

Walter McClinton

Walter began his time in the Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association in the Inter-County Soccer League where he held a variety of roles from registrar to executive vice-president. His passion for the game brought him the opportunity to take on many tasks as he moved on to positions in the EPSA. From 1993 to 2002 he served as 1st vice-president and sat on many important committees. In 2000 and 2002 he helped organize and stage the USASA National Cup Finals, and throughout his time was the lifeline for all day-to-day office and staff operations. Walter’s passing late last year was a terrible loss for Eastern Pennsylvania, and he will be greatly missed.

Jeanne Smith

Jeanne began her time in Texas-South soccer as a player, coach and manager for San Antonio Women’s Soccer Association. She quickly grew to become the league’s president and held the position for 10 years. Since 2000 Jeanne has served as Women’s Commissioner in Texas-South and helped develop national powerhouse teams such as the Houston Challengers. When she became involved as secretary for Texas Soccer Association-South she took the position to a new level and was vital member of the association. She’s also served on a variety of USASA national committees and has helped turn the Coed Cup, which she chairs, to one of USASA’s premier competitions.

Gregory Vlamakis

A staple in the Illinois State Soccer association for more than 25 years, Gregory has been involved as a player, coach, referee assignor and administrator. Since 1989 he’s held the position of president for the oldest surviving league in the United States, the National Soccer League, which started in 1919. He’s also held the position of ISSA Treasurer since 2009 and is part of the USASA Rules Committee.