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National Tier Structure

National Tier Structure

USASA is introducing new standards & criteria in 2018 to bring greater structure to the amateur soccer pyramid. The criteria are designed to raise the standard of operations of the growing national leagues and also assist players & teams better understand the level of play each league offers.

Currently many leagues revolve around the availability of college players meaning they have very short seasons. Hopefully as a result of the new standards we will see leagues playing over a longer period of time, helping teams generate extra income that can be invested in their teams. This in turn will raise playing standards. 

There are three tier levels with varied standards & criteria for each level. Tiers 1 & 2 are designed for leagues that have or wish to have a national footprint. Tier 3 is for leagues that operate in multiple states.

In addition, USASA, will administer all on-field discipline and be responsible for issuing punishments related to all indiscretions.

If you are interested in knowing more about the criteria and application process please contact our CEO – Duncan Riddle – - Direct Line 708-496-6871.