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Michigan Premier Soccer League

The Michigan Premier Soccer League (MPSL) was established in 1995. The Founding Committee was chaired by Al Pugliese and the members were Mark Bronzetti, Henry Bronzinsky, Ken Goff, Steve Ragni, Rudy Gerich and Raad Sana. 

The Committee investigated the operations of amateur leagues affiliated with the Michigan soccer Association (MSA) in order to establish a league utilizing the best of those leagues while avoiding their problems. The Committee chose the name Michigan Premier Soccer League from numerous suggestions and began assembling the rules and regulations. In early 1995, the by-laws, rules and regulations, and fee structure were submitted to the MSA for approval and acceptance. The MSA reviewed the submittal and approved the MPSL as an amateur league. 

From the first meeting to the acceptance by the MSA was three months. And without delay, the MPSL's inaugural season was Spring, 1995. a Women’s Division was added in 2004.

The first season of play had 16 teams competing. The 2010 season had 24 men’s teams & 7 women’s teams competing in four divisions; Premier, First, Second and Women. While past seasons have had more teams registered, the league limits membership to this number of teams in order to maintain the highest level of competition and to keep the number of teams and players at a manageable level for Board officers. In order to become a member of the MPSL, interested teams must be sponsored by a member team or club and be accepted by a majority vote of the members. 

Although the Board members conduct the day-to-day operations of the league, all teams and clubs have on vote at all meetings. Decisions made by the Board are done so with the vote approval of the membership of the league and all members have the right to bring to the floor their opinions and concerns. All members are expected to volunteer to serve on committees or serve as Board members. Committee chairs are appointed on a rotating basis in order that all teams are actively involved and represented in the operation of the league, its competitions, and its activities. 

Since its inception through 2010, MPSL teams have reigned most year as State Champions and the winner of the Tournament of Champions. In addition, during those fifteen years, the MPSL has had thirteen of the State Runner-Ups. 

The league is very proud of the Chaldean Arsenal S.C. (originally Southfield Arsenal). They won two consecutive National Amateur Championships (1999 and 2000) and two Regional Open Cup Championships (2000 and 2001). Adding to their success was the naming of Waad Sana as 2000 National Coach of the Year. 

This past year the league sent two teams to the National Finals in the Amateur Final was the Carpathia Kickers and in the Amateur Division Final of the Open Cup was Detroit United. Very impressive to have two teams to reach that level.

The goals of the league are to establish the highest level of amateur competition in the State, make sportsmanship an expected standard, and provide leadership to its members. MPSL members are committed to fair play and promoting amateur soccer, while developing their team talent and increasing the level of competition in the MPSL. 

MPSL is self-policing by conducting mandatory meetings for coaches, inviting referees to be presenters and speakers at league meetings, holding timely disciplinary meetings, and instituting an unprecedented "get-tough" fine and point system for yellow and red cards.

The League Cup, Golden Boot, and Golden Glove Awards are all a part of the competition in the MPSL. At the end of each year, the MPSL hosts an awards banquet for its members.

In nineteen years, the MPSL has gone from committee to a start-up league to one of the best premier leagues in the nation. The accolades for this success belong with the membership. The involvement, dedication, and commitment of its members has dictated the success of the Michigan Premier Soccer League

Highlights are:

• Michigan’s number one prestigious adult league for men and women.

• Most college players.

• Most ex soccer semi & pro alumina 

• Most State, regional and national champions than any other adult Michigan based soccer league.

• Back to back National champions.

• 15 consecutive Michigan Challenge (Gerhard Mengel) Cups.

• 14 Tournament of champion, champions.

• 14 times, teams have represented the State at the Regional Tournament of Champions.

• Best fields, best referees and best competition.