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Coast Soccer League (Cal South)

The Men’s Coast Soccer League has a tremendous history in California. 

The League is run by a board of volunteers who are also involved as coaches, managers and players on teams in the league.

The CSL currently fields teams in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County.

The traditional center of the League is Garden Grove, CA, where the Leagues primary home field is, Westgrove Park.

The CSL is structured similar to that of the English Premier League.  There are 3 competitive men’s divisions that have promotion/relegation each year.  The top division is the Premier, then Major, then First.

2 teams are promoted/relegated each season.

We also have a Men’s Over-35 and a Women’s division which is very competitive.

In addition to the regular season we have an FA Cup style tournament called the Raul Briones League Cup, named after one of the men who dedicated many years of his life to running this league.

The RB Cup allows teams to play against other CSL teams in different divisions and to compete to win either the RB Cup or the Friendship Cup.