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San Francisco Soccer Football League

OUR HISTORY: The San Francisco Soccer Football League (SFSFL) began in 1902. With several community leaders and soccer enthusiasts, alike, they created football (soccer) clubs, such as: Pickwicks, Pastimes, Barbarians, Hornets, Vampires, American Rifles, Independents, Albion Rovers and the Thistles FC. These clubs help lay the foundation for organized adult soccer which led to the inception of the SFSFL. Teams played soccer matches on Sundays, competing with teams as far north as Sacramento when transportation was only by ferry-boat. Overtime, the SFSFL would help launch the California Soccer Association and would compete in the first California State Cup in 1904. Dominating the national soccer scene in the early days thru the present-time, SFSFL teams have won four (4) Lamar Hunt US Open Cup; numerous state and national titles; to hosting and playing international matches in the historic Kezar Stadium. The SFSFL would be known across the country, producing memorable clubs, players, personalities, all-star games and national champions. SFSFL members have been inducted into both the US Soccer and CSAN Halls of Fame for contributing to this lovely game. To celebrate the centennial anniversary of the United States Soccer Federation, the USASA governing-body presented the SFSFL with a centennial plaque for contributing to the growth and promotion of soccer in the United States. In turn, the USASA accepted the SFSFL as the home for Elite Premier Semi-Professional Soccer in California-north.

OUR LEAGUE: Our league provides a culturally-diverse and high-level of playing experience in a men’s semi-professional competitive setting. It showcases players with a wide-variety of talent from intercollegiate to international level of play. In a story written in the Major League Soccer news, SFSFL is described as "a rich cultural experience that probably can't be surpassed in any known adult league. It’s as if we are playing our very own World Cup every Sunday."

OUR STRENGTH: SFSFL continues to provide the highest level of men's semi-professional soccer in California since 1902. Our members are today's leaders in the soccer community.

OUR MISSION: The SFSFL works to foster the growth and development of this beautiful game in the heart of San Francisco. Teams and clubs play semi-professional soccer every Sunday and it is committed to its roots and community in San Francisco - the hotbed for playing soccer in California.

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